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The Power of Now

As soon as I get home I dig out Eckhart Tolle’s Practicing the Power of Now from the attic.[i] A friend gave me this book a few years ago, and I flicked through it and thought it made a lot of sense, then packed it away. Remaining in the present moment had seemed rather anContinue reading “The Power of Now”

Living in the Now

It’s a narrow, winding road, and often the lanes are barely wide enough to accommodate the width of my car. There’s a drystone wall on my left, barely skimming the wing mirror, and every now and then another vehicle approaches like a missile from around the next bend. Nevertheless, I have one hand on theContinue reading “Living in the Now”

Meditating Badly

For a few moments every day, I roll my office chair over to the window and try to still my seething mind. I feel exposed, sitting bolt upright without a keyboard or a screen in front of me. I’m as agitated as a young dog asked to ‘sit’ before it gets a treat. And evenContinue reading “Meditating Badly”

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